Inkanyiso – Journal of African Thought deliberately embraces epistemologies of the Global South as part and parcel of its geo-politics of knowledge vis-à-vis the problematic epistemologies of the Global North. This posture finds concrete expression in the contributions received. As a matter of fact, the journal takes seriously the indigenous epistemologies, ontologies as well as the historical and socio-economic realities of its immediate communities. View our Editorial Team.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol 14, No 1 (2022)  
Editorial Office
31 December 2022

Original Research

The historical fight for the right to care: A critique of the Mental Health Policy in Brazil  
Barbara D. Nunes, Maria Isabel B. Bellini
22 December 2022

Original Research

Depoliticising Square Kilometre Array and Vanwyksvlei in the anti-politics machine  
Nishai Moodley
21 December 2022

Original Research

Behaviours of traditional male circumcision initiates of Cala and Mdantsane, South Africa  
Aphiwe Mpateni, Simon Murote Kang’ethe
21 December 2022

Original Research

Indigenous knowledge application in increasing food security: A measure to consider?  
Charles A. Masango, Victor W. Mbarika
21 December 2022

Original Research

Investigating gender differences in housework and religion in marital conflict in Cameroon  
Nkaze Chateh
21 December 2022

Original Research

Dynamics at the frontier between the demands of democracy and sociocultural imperatives: Human rights and school discipline in secondary schools in Malawi  
Peter N. Namphande
01 December 2021

Original Research

Can Downsizing Correlate with Community Development? A Complex Adaptive Systems Approach  
Rosemary B. Coffie, Alimatu Sardiya, Florence Ellis, Eric Akaadom
01 December 2021

Original Research

Socio-cultural status of ‘barracks women’ in Nigeria, 1905-1985: A historical perspective  
Justus A. Nzemeka
01 December 2021

Original Research

Cast Me not as a Succubus or a Jezebel: Nollywood Actresses and the Struggle against Women Stereotyping  
Floribert P.C. Endong
01 December 2021
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Call for Book Submissions: Submit your book proposals on sustainable energy solutions today


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Vlog: Discover the focus and scope of Inkanyiso


Watch as Prof. Allucia Lulu Shokane, Editor-in-Chief of the Inkanyiso – Journal of African Thought, gives an overview of the focus and scope of the journal. She also shares what types of articles will be accepted for the publication. Watch the full interview here: https://bit.ly/3Nwq2Ky

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Vlog: Meet our Editor-in-Chief


Watch as Prof Allucia Lulu Shokane, Editor-in-Chief of Inkanyiso, shares a bit about herself and how she became involved in this field of study. She also shares her vision for the journal and what types of articles will be accepted for the publication. Watch the full interview here: https://bit.ly/42q1Kal

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